You may be wondering why we decided on Portugal as our wedding destination. Portugal holds sentimental value to both of us as we had a beautiful holiday there in July of 2022. We spent 4 days in Lisbon on our European holiday, from the first moment we walked out into the city we became immediately encapsulated with the Romanesque/Gothic architecture scattered throughout the city. Portuguese tarts in Belem, panoramic views from Castelo de Sao Jorge, Portuguese chicken from Bonjardim, and not to forget the cherry liqueur Ginjinha. The amalgamation of these experiences developed our deep appreciation for Portuguese culture.

Oh and we also got engaged in Lisbon on 10 July 2022!



Sintra is a municipality in the Greater Lisbon Area located on the northern slope of the rugged Sintra Mountains. Scattered with nature reserves, 19th century architecture, castles, palaces, Sintra has been classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sintra boasts a busy and bustling town centre with many restaurants as well as a plethora of Gothic/Moorish palaces and castles. For those who want a combination of the breathtaking views of the Portuguese Riviera mountains couples with the 19th-century architecture distributed throughout, this is the place to be.


Cascais is a premier holiday destination of the Lisbon coastline. From humble beginnings as a fishing town, it has turned into a popular resort town. Museums, a fort, villas, lively bars and restaurants, Cascais has everything to keep you occupied in your downtime with the beach only minutes away from the town centre.


For Australian passport holders, no VISA applications are required to enter Europe or the UK. However as everyone will have individual travel plans, please check local requirements in advance or reach out if you need any assistance. 

For those travelling from Australia, we recommend flying into London and then flying into Lisbon. 

Sintra and Cascais is a 30-40 min drive from Lisbon city centre. Both towns can be easily accessed via a direct train (1 hour).


Daytime high temperatures during May tend to be around 20-21 C (68-70 F) early in the month, warming gradually to around 23-24 C (73-75 F) near the end of the month.

Late night and early morning lows tend to average around 12-13 C (54-55 F) early in May, warming to about 14-15 C (57-59 F) near the end of the month.